Our Machine and Training
The EIB machine produces blocks of precision height and width, with an adjustable length. The blocks are tongue-in-groove and can be dry stacked or used with mortar. The machine can also be manufactured to produce "traditional" blocks without the tongue-in-groove. The machine weighs under 2,000 pounds and can be towed behind a truck or SUV. It can be easily moved around a building site. It takes roughly 4,300 blocks to build a 1,200-square foot house. The machine produces 2 blocks per minute. These blocks meet all standards for load-bearing capacity and strength. EARTHinBLOCKS® provides training in the operation and maintenance of our machine and—most importantly—understanding soil. We have written a comprehensive manual about working with soil. Our earth builders are experienced home builders. We can offer advice, expertise and architectural plans for homes or other structures. For those who wish to learn to build for themselves, we recommend the Southwest Solar Adobe School, run by Joe Tibbets. He offers a range of courses on earth building, which are comprehensive and extremely helpful. www.adobebuilder.com
CONTACT US andrea@solidearthcommunities.org • 240-247-0086 * Silver Spring, Maryland