People of Lakota

In 2014, EarthinBlocksBuilds donated and trained Chief Henry Red Cloud and their crew to build with compressed earth blocks. They successfully built a solar heated office for Lakota Solar Enterprises and a home for a Lakota family.

In 2019, South Dakota was hit by a "climate bomb" superstorm. Torrential rains flooded Pine Ridge which resulted in many people losing their homes. When the flooding subsided, Henry went to his office and discovered that his earth block office was the only structure still intact in the community. He then took a hammer to the blocks closest to the foundation, and although water had been 2-3 feet high inside, the blocks were not damaged. Other buildings on the property suffered major damage and had to be taken down. Our EIBB home experienced no mold or water damage!


Juarez, Mexico

In the summer of 2017, EIBB trained a group from Juarez, Mexico to make earth blocks for a 2,000 square foot office located on a 16-acre Peace Park, known as El Punto. When the park was completed, all buildings were constructed from sustainable materials. El Punto will  ultimately house 32 social programs for the community. The City of Juarez liked the structure so much,  that they asked to use our machine and crew to build small walls throughout city parks.



Rural construction teams in Tibet were trained in the earth block construction process. This was an upgrade from traditional mud brick building and was appropriate culturally, environmentally, and economically. More than 40 structures, from farmhouses, bio-gas greenhouses, dairy and wineries, were constructed over a four-year period. Our EIBB project provided jobs and hope for many formerly unskilled workers.

Nature Camp in Spruce Knob Mountain, West Virginia

About 20 years ago, these dorms were built on the top of Spruce Knob Mountain, where every summer it is opened for a nature camp for students and educational instruction. After 20 years, the buildings needed only minor repairs and successfully continues to provide fabulous housing for nature enthusiasts.


*These non-profit projects commenced under the aegis of The Mountain Institute and were continued under a partnership between The Humanitarian Project (THP) and EarthinBlocks.

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